Contract manfuacturing for manufacturing
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Looking for the company that offers contract manufacturing, are we? We present you the best choice for a person looking for such service as contract manufacturing. Who is the winner? Dellner Componets, part of the Swedish Dellner Group, founded during the World War Two. What can you assign to this company? The offer is very wide as we said before. There is mentioned contract manufacturing, welding, subcontracting and many other services taht are essential to different companies from transport, logistics, sea and mining enterprises. Among the clients of Dellner Group there are worldwide known brands, such as Alstom and Rolls-Royce. This is a proof of high quality, isn"t it? Anyway, you don"t have to be a international global player to be customer of Dellner - just check out the offer and contact us - we will provide you with all the details you need. We promise - you won"t regret it.